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Presentation: Anki Basic

31 March, 2017

团队内分享间隔记忆系统,一种科学省时的学习方法。Download Slide


1. Wikipedia: Forgetting Curve

2. Why is quiz nessessary?

For most of people, they just scaning, which is passive study.

3. Passive Study Vs Active study

4. Wikipedia: What’s spaced repetition?

5. Video: what is spaced repetition system.

6. How to download Anki?

7.List of alternative flashcard softwares

  • Anki
  • SuperMemo

8. Medical Concepts relating to spaced repetation system

9. Research Paper: Test-enhanced learning: taking memory tests improves long-term retention.

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  • Published in 2006
  • Journal Psychological science