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About Me

Ryan Lv,


Ruby developer

Admin of

Used to be a doctor

Used to be a product manager


Somethings I believe

  • God
  • Do what you love. (Paul Graham)
  • Talk the talk, walk the walk.

Books I read again and again

Bible (daily)

David Allen: Getting things done (5+ times)

Donald A. Norman: The Design of Everyday Things (5+ times)

Gary Chapman: The Five Love Languages 3+

Paul Graham: Hackers & Painters 3+

The Talent Code: The Talent Code 2+

Frederick P. Brooks: The Mythical Man 2+

Frederick P. Brooks.: The Design of Design

Richard Dawkins: The Selfish Gene

Keith E. Stanovich: What Intelligence Tests Miss

Apps that make me productive

  • Zotero
  • Anki
  • Alfred 3
  • Firefox + VimFx
  • iTerm2
  • Vim
  • Break time
  • Annotate
  • Omni Graffle
  • Moom
  • f.lux
  • Bartender
  • 1Password
  • Tower, a git client for Mac.
  • App cleaner
  • Sublime Text
  • Mindenode

I was inspired by this project Best-App

Devices I am using

  • Macbook 15’
  • Dell 24’ Monitor x 2
  • 2 iPhones. iPhone 6 is my primary cellphone. iPhone5 is secondary cellphone. I isolate all distracting things into secondary cellphone.
  • HHKB professional 2
  • Herman Miller Embody

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