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2013 - 2014 Study Plan

8 October, 2013

Due date: 2014.10.10

  1. Be a senior Ruby developer

  2. English
    • ITELS7.0 (make no sense)
    • Fluent oral English (pass Intermedia Interpretation Exam)
  3. Write good copy

    Both Chinese and English.

updated_at: 2015-04-08

This study plan is too hard, I just complete half.

updated_at: 2015-12-28

  1. Be a senior Ruby developer

    Comments: It’s hard to be called a ‘senior developer’ if I don’t know C programming. So I am planning to learn C programming in 2016.

  2. Fluent oral English

    Comments: Thanks God and Bruce. I can speak English now.

  3. Write good copy.

    Comments: not good enough.