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The top of my todo list

20 February, 2015

Today I read Paul Graham’s The top of my todo list, and was delighted to write my own top of todo list.

So many people spends their whole life on chasing money, success. Bruce give me a schedule, try to guide me to avoid making mistakes. It’s very useful.

The following is my top of todo list in every day life.


  • Pray

  • Study Bible

Some of you may be asking, “Why is God so important, even more than your family and yourself?”

Because God is our strength and refuge, an ever present help in trouble.


  • Sleep more than 7.5 hours
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise 1 hour

Some of you may be asking, “Why do you love yourself so much, even more than your wife, your work?

Because Health is foundation of everything. Without health, you are unable to take care your family, love your friends and make money.


  • Do housework for Angela (my wife)

    • take out the trash
    • boil water
    • prepare breakfast
  • Encourage her to exercise/study

  • Delicate moments with Angela

    • go to movies
    • have dinner at Satuday
  • Chat with my Grandpa/Grandma, my father and mother every week.


  • reading

  • writing

  • learn how to code like a master

  • review my Anki flashcards




Prepare lunch for Sunday

Study bible for cell group leading

Communicate with members in cell group


  • Shopping
  • Social activities

  • Online SNS tools, such as WeChat moments, Weibo, Zhihu and so on.

Thanks to Bruce. He is my bible teacher, a wise man.